EZGO Golf Cart Steering and Front End Alignment Issues


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I've got some serious steering and front end alignment issues with my EZGO gas golf cart. I'll try to explain it the best I can. I've been in the car business for over 10 years, built cars, restored, blah blah blah..... My point is, IM NOT AN IDIOT when it comes to this stuff

Here goes:

Going slow isnt so much an issue, its when I go fast is when $hit starts to get hairy. I've had 4 golf carts before I got this one and never had one act like this. When your driving 10mph+... trying to go dead strait, it feels like the front of the cart is "floating". It weaves back and forth, not major, but enough to where you have to correct it. With the steering wheel dead center, it simply wont go straight! Little corrections left and right and left and right and left and right get really old!! Like I said, none of my other carts did this. My first instincts are either the alignment is way off or something is loose (bushings..... I dont know). Went home and did some measuring, alignment is fine. What else could be the problem?

On the same note, I'm SURE they are related, once again, when moving at over a turtles pace the steering is scary. I was going down my neighborhood street last night at "20-mph-ish" and moved the steering wheel at what I could compare to... "a lane change on the highway at 70" (not very much), and the cart nearly threw me off of it. I seriously almost flipped this thing. I can understand the way this thing turned if I had jerked the steering wheel, but I seriously just BARELY moved it. My thought is, something is LOOSE, or bent. Any ideas? THANKS!

ALSO, When the cart LEANS to the LEFT, it vears to the RIGHT. When the cart LEANS to the RIGHT, it vears to the LEFT. This cant be normal. I dont mean when I turn, I mean literally when Im going straight, i can bounce or jump on the seat and it will turn.


The only things I know of that can cause the problem you describe are:

Toe not set correctly. Toe out will cause the problem you describe or a caster issue can also.

Play in a steering component(s), Tie rod ends, King Pins, Steering Box.

Does the steering have play in it? If so check the steering box to see if there is worn bushings or possibly worn teeth on the rack shaft. If the bushings are worn you should see the shaft moving in and out or up and down when rocking the wheel back and forth. Check tie rod ends for play.

It looks like you have a block lift on the cart. Can you post some close up pictures of the front end? Some of the block lifts I've seen are made on a angle to tilt the axle back on top. Its possible they were installed backwards which would effect the caster. The king pins should angle back on top.

Its either the alignment or worn/bent part(s) in the steering, either should be pretty easy to see/check.


A king pin or kingpin would be the shaft that goes through the spindle. The spindle pivots on the king pin.


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if you need to google king pin s on your model cart to understand what they are . they basically is what was used in the front end before ball joints were invented .