EZGO Golf Cart Solenoid Selection Correct Replacement


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EZGO Solenoid 36 Volt 4-Terminal for 1968-Present Electric
SLN EZ0 1110 36V $25
SLN EZ0 1106 36V $20
SLN EZ0 1125 36V $50

Mine is a 1983 EZGO ELECTRIC golf cart and reads
70*120254-2 2 COIL 36 VDC CONT

How is the determination made as to the selection of the correct solenoid for replacement?


Most any 36 volt golf cart solenoid will work. I'd go with this one
BU Part # SLN EZ0 1155 36HD. That number is for the White Rodgers heavy duty 36 volt solenoid.


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1110 is long housing w/copper contacts
1106 is short housing w/copper contacts
1125 is short housing w/silver contacts
The mounts all look the same.
If it were mine and I planned on keeping it I would go with the silver contacts(1125).
If you don't plan on keeping it a long time either of the others would be fine IMO.
Just my $.02's worth, the final decision has to be yours naturally. :cool:

Jimmy B.