EZGO Golf Cart Smoking


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Ok i have got a 2005 EZGO golf cart and it seems to run good but it's smoking pretty bad. The vavles are adjusted right on it. The thing is you can put a new set of plugs in it and run up the road and back and they look like they are almost fouled out. Do you think this could be i need a new set of rings? If not that what are some other things that could be causing this? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!


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hone it and put new rings AND VALVLE GUIDES!, maybe new valvles also, not nessasarly valves, should be ok after that, how many hours? or dose it not have an hour meter?


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if your cart is lifted? then more than likely there is to much oil in the engine.
lifted carts cause the oil level to change on the dip stick, you need to make sure that there is no more than 1.5qts of oil.
a quick compression check will tell you the condition of the rings, 140 to 180 lbs is a good operating pressure.