EZGO Golf Cart Running Real Slow


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Hey guys I have a EZGO golf cart, not sure the year but it is a series cart with a controller. I was on it the other day and noticed it was running real slow and so I took some voltage readings. The batteries are good at 36.7 volts but the motor is only seeing 7 volts. So I changed out the controller and same thing. I thought it was the solenoid and now after I changed both parts the motor is not seeing any voltage at all but i have voltage from the batties to the solenoid. Any ideas on what could be wrong thanks


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Check ALL your battery connections. Especially where the wire is crimped in the connector end. If there is any green corrosion or loose connection replace the cable.


If the 36.7 volts is after a full charge you have a battery problem. What does the total pack voltage drop to when you try to move the cart? Here's a chart with state of charge percentages.