EZGO Golf Cart Resistor Coils Glowing Red Hot


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I have a 1984 EZGO electric golf cart that runs well except for last time out. Kids went around the block, when they came back the resistor coils underneath where the negative cables come together was glowing red hot. There was a burning smell and the golf cart would move without depressing pedal and with key in off position. Any one with an idea?


Sounds like the solenoid is stuck.

First take a look at the micro switch on the accelerator contact board, the one that gets activated by the movable arm contact. Make sure it turns on and off when you press and release the pedal. If that checks out ok your solenoid is stuck closed and you need to replace it. Also check for any melted cables and check all cable connections.


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Sprayed electrical cleaner on the moveable arm part and all ajoining areas. Seemed to work but will find a solenoid and keep it handy. Thanks


If the throttle pedal isn't coming all the way up when released it's got the micro engaged and sending curiut through the resistor coils and heating them up. Get the pedal right and it should stop.