EZGO Golf Cart Radio Mounted In Dash


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I have a 2007 EZGO golf cart and I was wondering what is a good radio and speakers to get for it? I've seen the overhead kits but I would like the head unit mounted in the dash and the speakers in the front seat. Do they sell a kit?


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I'm not an EZ-GO person, but have seen many stereos mounted inplace of the golf ball holder on dashboard. Unfortunately that does not work with CC.

There are a lot of posts that have pics of stereos and speakers mounted in the front. I suggest you use SEARCH on FORUM page and key in radio or stereo. I'm sure you will find many pictures.

In my CC, I ended up with stereo in passenger side glove box space, 4 speaker w/tweeters above review mirror and sub in bag well. If I had the EZ-GO I would have gone for the ball holder location for the stereo.

I suggest not using the under the roof console. Too much skipping when playing CDs due to road bumps, etc. Don't know of an in dash "kit". I recommend good quality MARINE (waterproof) system. Most manufacturers make them. I got a super deal on a Sony stereo, even better deal on PolyPlaner speakers, sub and sub-amp. If I hadn't got the deals, I would have probably chosen the "Clarion" (sp?), just because of recommendations from others.

One more suggestion. Make sure you don't hook it up as in an automobile utilzing a common frame ground. Plenty of info in forum on that subject too.
I have had an overhead radio console in mine for a while and it I had to do it over I would put it either in the dash pockets or in the center in the ball holder. the radio works ok overhead but with the speakers where they are it is difficult to hear when I'm running. Mine is gas and I hooked it up with a seperate toggle switch to make sure it was off when not being used. I have had 2 radios in mine and both were very inexpensive. One was a marine unit and the other is a regular and I have not had any water related problems.I might add the speakers are marine units also.When I was looking for mine i did a search on marine radios and was supprised at what and where I found radios. I did not care for a cd because I knew it would skip as rough as my workhorse rides so I went with a cassette unit .If you can still find them they are a very good deal price wise.


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The radio can mount in the dash, just be carefull when you cut it out. dont take too much or the radio will fall inside. Also make sure the mounting bracket is securley mounted. it is a pain to take the front end apart just to pull a radio out of the front. Speakers can mount in the front seat. 5 and a half round speakers fit the best and they dont sound bad. The front seats acts a little like a woofer box. I would recomend putting it on a toggle switch so you can cut the power when not using it. this way you wont kill the battery