EZGO Golf Cart Moves a Foot Then Stops


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Hi All,

I got a 2006 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart that will move about a foot and stop. I drove the cart for about 20 mins parked the cart and went to get back into the cart and it moved a foot then stop. I thought that the batteries where dead charged them over night and had the same result the cart moved then stop. The dealership said to check the voltage on the battery and all of the batteries are just over 6 VDC and a total for all of them are 38VDC. After working with them they said that it was a bad controller they sent me the controller replaced the controller and it did the same thing. I shorted across the solenoid and the cart would move but very slowly. does this mean that the solenoid is bad? :dazed:


You can put a PDS cart in diagnostic mode and it should give you a code. All the instructions should be on the label on the controller cover. If not you can find the diagnostic mode instructions and codes in the EZGO resource forum.

Be careful jumping the solenoid on a PDS cart, it can fry the controller. What you describe sounds like a solenoid problem. The cart should have run normally though when you jumped the solenoid unless you used a small gauge wire when you jumped it. I would put the cart in diagnostic mode and see if you get any codes. If you don't get codes I would replace the solenoid first and go from there.