EZGO Golf Cart Key Switch Replacement

dave s

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Newbee to this. The key in my 2000 EZGO electric golf cart won't work in the switch any more. It goes in but the switch won't go into the on position. I have read the how to on replacing the switch but I am confused on these drive rivets. I really hope to avoid buying a rivet gun that I probably won't use again. Are any alternatives available to hold the key plate on? Thank you!

Glen Batchelor

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The drive rivets are tapped in, you don't need a gun for them. I use screw-type body fasteners on my cowl since I take it down to access the wiring at least once a month and don't like drilling out the rivets.

Glen Batchelor

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If you are just taking the switch plate out, just drill those out. They are push-in plastic rivets. I would not screw them in since there's not a lot of plastic around the corners there.


The center pins in the factory EZGO fasteners on the key switch plate push out and you can reuse them. You'll need to remove the top of the cup holder because the pins will fall in there when you push them out. Once you push the center pin out the plastic rivet will slide out and is reusable. :twocents:

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