EZGO Golf Cart Controller Help


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Hi guy's I'm new to the forum and to golf carts in general. I recently bought a 1994 EZGO TXT golf cart that I'm going to use for hunting. I put a 4" lift on it and some 22x11x8 tires and rims. I now need to change the controller this is where I need your help. Like I said before this is a 94 TXT which I think would make it a series controller not a PDS or DCS I think. I have been looking at the Alltrax controllers although they are pricey. Which one would I need the for what I'm using it for (hunting) 400, 500, 650. Can I use any of these controllers on my stock motor. I see that the programable ones are about 90 to 100 dollars more then the non programable ones does this really make a difference. Any help is appreciative. Thanks again flip


Welcome to the forum.

If your cart's a 94 it's either a Marathon or a Medalist. Marathon will have the key switch by your leg and a Medalist will have the key switch on the dash.

For hunting carts with series motors I usually go with the 650 amp Alltrax. I wouldn't go any less than the 500 amp. The programmable controllers are nice but you can get by without it. If it was me I'd go with the 650 amp programmable Alltrax.