EZGO Golf Cart Burning Out Headlights


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I have installed new lights, turn signals, and brake lights. The problem is when I drive the golf cart headlights keep burning out? The golf cart is a 95 EZGO 295cc.

I checked voltage from generator/starter to battery, about 12.4 volts at a lower idle, when applying more throttle the volts to battery climb over 17.5 volts and burn out the headlights. Should the generator/starter be putting out that much or is the gen/starter going bad. Is there a voltage regulator that can be added in line to prevent this problem? :wallbash:


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Your golf cart has a voltage regulator already and it sounds like it is stuck. Install a new one and you should be fine. If you drive it to long the way it is you'll burn out the ignitor and there $100.00+


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I agree with Nubs, I had the same problem with my 96 EZGO last summer and I replaced the voltage regulator and problem solved. :usa: