EZGO Golf Cart Battery Charger Won't Turn On

We Haul

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Real nice forum here. The people here all seem very helpful.
I have a 2000 EZGO TXT electric golf cart and my battery charger won't turn on when I plug it in. It was fine when I last charged my cart a couple months ago. Any idea what is wrong? What do I need to check? Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure On the EZ-Go But first thing I would look at is all your connections See if Everything Is clean and tight. Also How weak are the Batteries? If they are too weak the Charger will not kick on. Some chargers will not come on if your pack is too weak.. But I'm sure you will get some more answers to your Questions..


Like CSF said the newer EZGO chargers won't start if the total pack voltage is below 26-28 volts. I'd check that first to see if that's your problem. Also check to be sure the batteries don't need water or frozen. If the batteries are low fill them with distilled water until the plates are just covered then you can fill them to proper level after their charged.
If the voltage is to low you can charge 2 batteries at a time with a 12v charger until you get enough voltage to start the charger.
Let us know if that was your problem.


We Haul

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Thanks I checked the battery voltage and it was low so I charged my batteries with a 12v charger and now my golf cart charger works. You guys saved me from buying a new charger that I didn't need. Thank You both!