EZGO Gas VS Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Reviews


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Im stuck between buying an EZGO gas golf cart or a Yamaha gas golf cart..one person says EZGO's burn and suck valves and another person says Yamahas have issues? All i want to do is adjust the governor to get some more speed out of it and add a 14" wheel and lower profile tire....oh yeah, it will be a limo style cart. Does EZGO have more power than Yamaha (2003 to 2006 models) Is there a big difference between the 2 cylinder EZGO and the single cylinder Yamaha? Will they both run about the same top speed without modifications (other than adjusting the governor)? Any help personal reviews of these carts, the engines, etc.. would help.


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Yamaha has more hp, but is a single cylinder and they kinda buck or chug from a start. The Yamaha is more forgiving at higher rpm's.

The EZGO is a twin cylinder, very smooth, not as forgiving at high rpm's without some work. Lots more accessories for the EZGO's. :twocents: :hattip: