EZGO Gas Golf Cart Does Not Hold Constant Speed


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My 95 EZGO gas golf cart cart does not hold a constant speed. It seems to start off well and the throttle opens all the way and then closes back about half way. Do I need to adjust the governor or make some other adjustments such as the rev limiter or throttle cable? Why does it slow back as it does going up a very slight grade. I have adjusted the governor some but do not want to go to far with it just need it to maintain speed better. In case anyone needs to know the cart has a 295 robbins engine clutch is working fine and belt is also good. Any help will be appreciated. :usa:


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ive been playing with the same issues..i got a manual and have learned when you adjust the gov
youve also got to adjust the throttle cable and foot pedal micro switch to get more out of it.

ive got my gov about 3/4 of the way tightened and your supose to remove the throttle cable and
rear end gov arm cable before adjusting the gov,then adjust everything back to kinda match the diffrence
you made in the first adjustment,then recheck the micro switch adjustment at the foot pedal again.

hard to exsplain in words..if you dont have a service manual you will greatly treasure it when you get
one..it gives details on how to adjust everything..
i just made a diffrent air filter system and it seemed to give a lot more power but then it leans it out
and ive gotta drill the jet in the carb bigger..new stainless header pipe goes on today and it
will be even leaner im told..but i think im gonna gain 3-4 hp and ive got it runnin around 30 mph with
stock 295 robin 4 stroke motor now so its worth the performance gain for my tinkering..

get yourself a service manual and i think you will improve the power and get what your wanting out of it.

it helped me a lot..hope it does the same for you,john

when your cart slows up after take of its hitting the gov,,thats what they do..ive turned mine down
4 times before finally going 3/4 of the way tightened on the spring.now its much faster but it will
still hit top speed then cut back a hair as thats where the gov is set..hope i worded this right..


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I really do appreciate the help. I had read another thread that talked about the throttle cable adjustment and micro-switch if i get time this weekend i will try what you suggested. I am on call this week so I may be working. I also have my govenor adjusted about about three quarters hopefully I can get a little more out of it my son and grandson are leaving me in the dust. :usa:


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I made those changes you referred to and now they can not keep up with me on top end even though my son will pull me about three lengths on take off. I really appreciate the help. I have been working on another 95 EZGO gas golf cart that has been sitting for about a year. I got it running but not very well. I am still tinkering and adjusting again thanks for the help. :checkered: