EZGO Fuel Pump


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I just rebuilt my 1986 EZGO Marathon (top and bottom). It ran fine for about 2 weeks and then started acting like it ran out of gas. The tank had about 1 - 2 gallons of gas. I added more gas and then had to prime the fuel pump to get going. It worked for a week or so and then acted like it was out of gas again. This time the tank was 3/4 full. I removed the fuel pump and I could blow air through it in both directions. I took the fuel pump apart and one of the flapper valves had a crease in it from the center hole to one edge. I tried to flatten the crease the best I could and after reassembly the fuel pump seemed to pump very sparingly. I suspect I need to rebuild the pump or get a new one (price isn't that different), but I removed the fuel pump and measured the impulse at the hole in the crank case. I got about a 2 pound impulse. Does that seem about right?


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It takes little pulse action to operate the fuel pump, a new pump should fix it.