EZGO forward & Reverse


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Hi, I have an electric EZGO and on the sticker on the passenger side says G202 & 1503098. Realized by reading posts that this is really important and didn't even know the sticker was there!

Ok, when I put the cart in forward, or reverse, it doesn't always move. If I fiddle with it by going back and forth fron neutral it will all of a sudden work.

I am guessing this will only get worse.

I live on a little island off Honduras and want to order the right parts before it quits all together.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much


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The F&R is beside the drivers leg and in the battery compartment there is a metal rod that goes over to the right side of the compartment where the switches are.

Thanks for trying to help !!!!


Check all the cables connected to the F&R switch. Usually the problem your having is caused by bad contact studs in the switch. You'll have to take the switch apart to check/replace them...


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Can anyone tell me what year and model my golf cart is by the codes in the passenger glove box? G202 & 1503098

Thank you