EZGO Forward and Reverse Switch Smoking Under Load


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I have a 48 volt electric EZGO golf cart and know only a little about the controls for this unit. I do know that under the seat, in the right front corner beside the batteries are all of the controls. The front right unit that is attached to the shifter forward and reverse switch smokes a little when the cart is placed under heavy load. For example loaded up with four people and climbing a hill. Or in the garage when the brake is applied, and i push the pedal down to apply electricity, and hold it there for 20 seconds, i can get the right hand bolt and wire attached to smoke a little, or a lot if i were to hold it for an extended period of time. Is this normal? I have attached some pics. The one that is from above shows the unit that smokes under heavier load, you can see the wire that is melted a litttle. the bolt it is attached to can get red hot, but not under light load. you can see the metal has been heated. Is this the controller? or is the controller the white box etc. behind this unit? Anyway, is it going to burn out? replace it? if so, wheres the best place to buy parts?


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What year and model is your cart? The forward and reverse switch shouldn't smoke. You need to replace any burnt cables or upgrade ALL cables to 4 guage or larger. The switch needs to be taken apart and replace the contact studs, springs and possibly the cam and board depending on how hot it got. Or the whole switch can be replaced. I'd consider adding heavy duty buss bars while you have the switch apart. You should NEVER hold the brake and push the throttle to try and make the cart move. It's hard on the entire electrical system including the motor and controller.


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I think this is worth repeating. "You should NEVER hold the brake and push the throttle to try and make the cart move."
You cause the motor to pull maximum amperes by doing so. I agree with HRC, start checking and replacing damaged contacts, connectors, cables, etc. What mods have been made to the cart (wheels, tires, motor, etc.)?