EZGO Forward and Reverse Switch Getting Hot


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Hi, I'm a newbie and have been reading as much of the post as possible to keep my golf cart running to the max. The information here is unbelievable! I have a 02 {I think) 36 volt EZGO golf cart, the one with the forward, reverse switch between the front 2 riders. The cart had already been lifted and bigger tires added before I got it. The batteries are from August of 06. It has handled everything that I threw at it the last 2 hunting seasons. Recently the forward switch started getting really hot to the point that you could smell it after running it awhile. I have done all of the battery test and they are good. I have upgraded the wires to 4 gauge on the batteries, and on my next trip to the camp I will change out the remaining wires to 4 gauge. Is the switch going out are what should I check/do next? Thanks for the help, great site.


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The contacts are probably bad in the forward and reverse switch. If the board is still in good shape you can get by with replacing the contacts only. I usually replace the board to. You should also upgrade the buss bars in the switch to heavy duty and it will help the contacts last longer. There's a thread in the EZGO resource forum with pics showing how to rebuild the switch. If you have any other questions feel free to ask...

Here's a link to the forward and reverse switch rebuild thread.
EZGO Golf Cart Forward and Reverse Switch Heavy Duty Buss Bars
Have to agree with HR! I think it is time to replace your contacts. Its either that or a loose conection somewhere causing some serious resistance, which would cause it to heat up!


The contacts work looose after awhile. They have the nut that holds the contact in place and the nut that holds the cable on it. Remove the cable and tighten the bottom nut, then replace the cable and tighten it to.
If you could smell the F/R switch I would order one and have it. If not you will be down and it may quit on you in the woods and that maybe bad depending on how far out you are.


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Finally brought the cart home to work on it. After removing the switch I found that I had gotten overspray all over it from undercoating and painting the battery box. Cleaned the switch up and the only problem that I see is a small amount of pitting on the post on the board side of the switch. Am planning to replace or at least rebuild the switch. Haven't found yet where to purchase the heavy duty buss bars. Will finish changing all of the wires to welding lead, put it back together and see what goes.
Will report when that is finished.
Thanks for everyones input.


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Was finally able to get the cart home and complete the work. Wanted to post what worked for me and to thank everyone again for their help.
Purchased a new cam and changed out the buss bars to the heavy duty ones. Changed out the contact bolts on the board. Changed all wires to welding lead and had someone who knew what they were doing crimp on the connectors. Put a full charge on the batteries and took it out to road test it.
Put over six miles on the cart climbing some decent size hills and going over rough terrain and through ditches. Everything stayed cool and I could probably do another six miles on the sam charge without any worry.
Looks like I should be ready for hunting season.