EZGO Engine, Clutch, Exhaust and Gear Upgrade

outlaw fab shop

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whats up fellas? just found this place and am diggin it!! I just purchased (today) a 1985 EZGO Marathon, seems pretty nice, just ordered the lift kit/tire combo from buggies unlimited, and already know its gonna need some upgrade help in the performance area. What kind of stuff can i do to the engine, clutch, exhaust, gearing ect. ANY info will be sweet.


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if you are going to use off road tires get a lower gear ratio. the offroad wheels 99.9% of the time come in a bigger size, bigger wheels is like gearing it up, you will go faster but will have slower acceleration and less torqe

but welcome to the forum :hattip: hope you find it as helpfull as i have :usa: