ezgo electric golf cart


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I'm trying to find out what is wrong with my ezgo electric golf cart.

The batteries are charged, terminals are clean but the cart won't move in either direction and I hear a faint clicking noise.

A few weeks ago the cart seemed to loose power so I stopped the cart, turned off the ignition switch and then restarted and it had it's usual power. I'm wondering if the ignition switch has gone bad or if the problem lies somewhere else.

Wondering if anyone has had similar symtoms or problems????



What year is your cart? Is it a DCS PDS or series cart?


Is the clicking a continuous clicking or a single click? Try putting the cart in diagnostic mode and see if you get any codes. You can find instructions and codes for diagnostic mode in the EZGO Resource forum. Let us know what happens with diagnostic mode and we'll go from there.


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Not continuous and very faint. I'm not sure how to do the diagontics as I don't have a shop manuel or any other information. Thanks for your help....