EZGO Electric Golf Cart Stops Running After Riding a While


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I have a 2005 electric EZGO TXT 36 volt golf cart. After riding a little bit, still with almost a full charge, the cart will just stop running. I put it in forward and reverse and pressed the pedal and nothing. After letting it sit for a few minutes, I pushed the pedal down all the way and it slowly, very slowly came up to speed. Now it will go but it hesitates and kind of shutters and takes off really slow. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I'd start with checking all the cable connections. Test the voltages on the individual batteries with a digital meter and post your results (you don't have to unhook any cables). Make sure the batteries don't need water.
Is this a PDS or series cart (where is the forward and reverse switch)?
What you describe is usually a bad cable, bad connection or bad battery(s).


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Thanks for the help. Found a brand new 4 gauge wire installed 2 weeks ago by a dealer burnt up. Think that will explain the problem. Thanks again for the help.