EZGO Electric Golf Cart Started Shuttering Then Stopped


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My 1987 electric EZGO golf cart started shuttering for a couple weeks and then finally stopped working altogether. I disconnected the batteries and performed a continuity check across the S1 & S2 terminals and also the A1 and A2 terminals and neither one gave a reading. How can this be? Did both sets of windings burn out? If so, what's the resolution here? Are there golf cart motor recycling places? Or are there places to get the windings redone and electric golf cart motors rebuilt? Or do I have to look for a new motor?


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I am about to take my motor and controller to a local electric motor service company.You should have quite a few in San Antonio


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As far as your A's and S's go one is the field windings and one is the brushes, not both windings. If it was shuddering before it quit running it sounds like your batteries are discharged or you have one battery that is bad. Remember always start with the batteries on an electric cart.