EZGO Electric Golf Cart Sluggish Going Up Inclines


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I have noticed that my 1990 EZGO electric golf cart is starting get very sluggish when I go up slight inclines. I have been told that this is more than likly due to the controller going bad. 1st...is this correct? 2nd....how hard is it to swap? 3rd....what should I get? I dont want to spend alot of cash, nor am i looking to set any speed records, just a good factory comprable one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Usually if a series controller goes bad the cart won't run at all. It's possible it could be the controller but I'd lean more towards batteries, cables, connections. Are any of the cables getting hot? Does the F&R switch get hot? How old are the batteries?


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I haven't noticed anything gettting hot, but I havent really checked either. The batteries are 2003 models and seem in good shape...water levels are good.


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It's pretty hard to tell if they are warm unless you actually CHECK them! LOL!!! If they actually glow red, you have a REAL safety issue! :eek:

But seriously, get yourself a meter and start taking readings on those batteries. It's best to start there. ;)

You cannot juge the condition of a battery or a wire simply by looking at it. :twocents: