EZGO Electric Golf Cart Ran 15 Minutes Then Shut Down


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Hi I'm new to the golf cart forum and I need some help. I have a 2005 electric EZGO 36 volt series golf cart. I took my batteries (original) out of winter storage in my basement and put them back in my cart last Friday. The cart ran fine that night without a charge and the next morning after an all night charge it ran fine for about 15 minutes and just shut down while it was moving. The headlights and th backup beeper work but it would not move. I cleaned the terminals and cables (original) when I reinstalled the batteries. Any ideas on this problem? Thanks


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Start by checking the voltage on the entire battery pack and each battery individually. If they show good I'd check the solenoid.


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I am also new to this forum and a first time owner of an EZGO golf cart. I was discussing winterizing tips with a neighbor and he told me that mice ( could also be squirrels) had chewed his cables one winter. He now puts moth balls in the battery compartment when preparing the cart for winter.