EZGO Driven Clutch Puller


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I have a 2011 EZGO ST with a Kawasaki engine. I am having a hell of a time getting the driven clutch off. I found these two pullers from the internet, both made by Red Hawk any experience with either product?
Thank you


I'm pretty sure EZGO went to a tapered shaft in 2008 on the driven clutch with they switched to the Kawasaki engine. I've never pulled a driven clutch on a EZGO golf cart with the Kawasaki engine but I believe the drive clutch and the driven clutch both use the same puller on the 2008 and newer carts. It should be like the bolt/puller you posted the picture of. @Nubs may know the dimensions to make one. Wait for him to see your post and chime in.


I do believe Rod is right but I have not removed one Myself, look to see if it’s threaded in the end.