EZGO Drive Clutch

I just took the cover off my Ezgo drive clutch to see if the HD spring I had from another clutch would work. The diameter on the HD spring is too small. Anyway, re-assembling the clutch, I noticed that I need to clock the cap after the spring ends are inserted into each piece. Which way should I turn the cover to properly load the spring? Will a counterclockwise turn add spring tension and raise the engagement rpm? I'm just putting it back together long enough to get my upgraded spring from CPP. So it's just temporary.

Any help?



Cartaholic - V.I.P.

counter clockwise, i never saw a difference by trying to preload
always turned the cover t'ill the holes lined up

Yea, I just turned it to line up the holes and put her back on till the new one gets here. Thanks. I see now that CPP has two upgrade springs. There's the one I got from the link you sent me Nubs, and a $45 one. I wonder what the difference is...

Anyway, I appreciate the reply.