ezgo does not run smooth

What is wrong with my cart?

  • wrong gas?

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  • solenoid?

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I just bought an ezgo cart (1980 something - I haven't looked) and it doesn't seem to run well. I had a guy put a new solenoid (sp?) in it because the previous owner said it had the wrong one in it and it didn't run well. Anyway, it will start up and then run fine for about 30-50 feet and then go really slow and almost quit, and then it runs fine again, etc.. and does this over and over. Someone thought it might be the wrong gas/oil mixture. I have no idea. I have never owned a cart before and am not mechanical at all (if you can't tell!!). Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to get this running smoothly for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks alot! Renee


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sounds like a fuel problem for sure make sure you have good vaccum to the fuel pump and change the fuel filter also. seems to be running out of fuel to at the carb. fuel bowl.


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Is your governor cable still hooked up? Its the second cable on the carb that goes to a big round thing on the rear end. If it is hooked up, disconnect it at the carb and see what happens.


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Agree sounds like fuel delivery issue,
Check lines for rought
Check fuel filter
Agree 100% check governor cable (MHO) remove it.
Uncertain if you have clean the carb float bowl ect. but might be worth it if this problem continues...


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Hello folks
, I just joined the forum and am a total greenhorn to golf carts, although I have worked on motorcycles, garden tractors, and automobiles for most of my life. I just picked up a gas cart last Friday. I now have the same problem. We are still working on the situation. We worked on the cart for several hours on Saturday and finally got it running but it speeds up and then slows down speeds up and slows down, etc. and does not rev very high. Starts up with no problems but does as I just said after starting. I will be watching for the results of your cart engine, and will report back if we get mine running right. I am looking at fuel flow, and also a possible crankcase leak.