ezgo dcs help


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we have a dcs cart with a couple of problems. 1st the cart want move , we checked the voltage and found dead batteries. we jump the pack and now we have 36 volts plus. 2 the cart still does not move. the f and r switch make a beeping noise with the key on or off. the only way of shutting off the beeping is to shut off the tow run switch or to wiggle the 10 pronge white connecton on the controller,we can hear the solenoid clicking by doing this also. just don't know were to start. f and r switch. controller,solenoid,batteries? any ideas thanks mike p.s. last year the owner bought a used controller.after he installed it, the cart did nothing. he ask me to take a look, i found that the 10 pronge connection was loose. we wire tied it and the cart had forward, but no rev. i felt the cart at this point may need a f and r switch, but of course they did not want to spend the money.cart sat all winter in the snow and rain. spring came and the cart was dead again,we jumped the pack and got it to run once again. the cart sat for most of the season and know they are having these problems i know most of this is because of the lack of maint,but they are asking me to fix it. now i need help!


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I had similar issue only diff was the cart would run about 15 feet then quit, push on pedal and the solenoid would not fire then turn key off and the beeping started. I flipped the T/R switch to tow and the beeping stopped, then after a few minutes I could repeat the whole cycle, run 15 feet , quit, beeping ect..

I found the DCS checking diagrhams and they will be a large help.
Thanks to the person or people who made my day easier.