EZGO DCS electrical voltage problem


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I have a EZGO with the DCS system and I just installed a new Alltrax controller with matching contactor. On one side of the contactor I get just over 38 volts and on the other side I get just over 36 volts with the key off. Once I turn the key on I have just over 38v on one side and just over 18 volts on the other side. The controller with flash green 4 times then red 6 times which tell me I have low voltage to the controller. Does anyone know what might be going on? I did find the tow switch was bad and had to install 2 jumper wires to continue troubleshooting. I have been staring at the DCS wiring schematic all day and cannot find a solution.


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It sounds like something isn't wired right...

What's the model of the controller? Are you using the wiring diagram from Alltrax? If not they have it posted on their website.


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Chicago- here's a schematic drawing of the DCX 400 to EZGO. Please supply more detailed information such as precisly where you are making these measurements (where's your negative meter lead attached, and the POS).

Which side of the Solenoid has the 18V? The side that goes to the Battery, or the side that goes to Controller/Motor?

From what I think you describe the side that goes to the motor is 18V?

If so, verify (with key on) that there's 36v on term 1 of the solenoid.
verify that there's 0v, or close to it on term 2 of the solenoid.

I suspect the solenoid isn't turning on and you're reading via the Resistor.

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Ok, here's a link to the schematic.....
alltrax link