EZGO coil question


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I just rebuilt my daughters 93 Marathon. I finished it & it still won't run right. It seemed like it was running on one cylinder. I checked the spark with a tester & found one plug sparking much brighter than the other.
I took out the plugs & grounded them one at a time & the cylinder near the clutch had a very weak intermittent spark, the other cylinder has a nice blue spark. I swapped the wires on the coil & it was the same. I set the air gap on the pulsar to .032, and ohmed it out it reads 19.8 ohms, so that should be ok.
Has anyone ever seen one side of a coil go bad ? I hope it is just the coil & not the ignitor. I don't know too much about the ignitor, so I have come to the golf cart gods seeking answers. I would appreciate any help on this.
Thanks JD


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i think a different coil will solve your problem, the ignitor either works or not and would not affect one side of the coil.


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i would back down the gap on pulser coil to .0012, that being the factory setting