EZGO Clutch Puller Removal Tool


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I have been a mechanic for 40 years and am pretty handy at making special tools, it always helps if you have an existing tool to reverse engineer. Does anyone know what thread size and pitch the EZGO clutch puller removal tools have? I am thinking about installing different springs in the drive clutch. From what I have read on this sight it makes the job a lot easier if you have the clutch puller tool. I need a tool to fit 2002 EZGO Gas clutch. THANKS


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I made my set of clutch pullers by just screwing 2 inch long bolts in the clutch until I found one that fits , then took them to a machine shop and had the threaded ends hollowed oy about ¼ inch then took some mild steel rod cut it to fit heated the rod then quickly cooled it slid it into the bolt and removed the clutch , Some cost involved but not nearly as much as they want for a puller .
have found that sometimes the bought puller don't fit every application
with this rig all I have to do is sometimes adjust the rod length .


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i made a clutch puller out of 5/8" threaded rod and a " i think 1" fine thread trailer hitch ball( i had to cut off the ball it self to fit in the frame) so a 2" fine thread trailer hitch ball and a 6" or so 5/8" threaded rod.
i could give you the correct size of the threaded rod if you like?