EZGO Clutch Issues


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Hey y'all.. I'm new to the forum and have been reading around on some of the threads but I got a question about a clutch issue. I have a 1992 EZGO and my primary clutch seal is bad and my father in law was trying to fix it before I bought it off him and was doing the grease and bolt method (we're cheap and didn't wanna buy a puller lol) and put close to 3 tubes of grease in it which I believe is way more then it should have needed but the clutch has never been replaced and is not coming off so I'm thinking he was just pumping grease through the seal. Question is pumping all that grease through the seal gonna cause issues down the road or is it gonna be fine? And yes I do have a puller ordered and in the mail (now)


I forgot the tell you that I have one that I took off of the engine that I replaced, it was working just fine when I took it off the new engine I received had one included so if you need one let me know.