EZGO Club Car or Yamaha Gas Golf Cart


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I couldn't find a relevant area to post this - hope it is ok here. I have owned a 36 volt Club Car golf carts for several years and want to go “gas”.
Could the forum group help me decide which brand (Club Car, Ezgo, or Yamaha) I should be looking to buy?
1) Which has the most reliable motor?
2) Which is the easier to “owner” repair?
3) Which pulls the hardest?
I am not interested in a new cart. My primary use is to pull boat trailers and lawn equipment trailers around my property, therefore, a lot of torque and/or locking rear-end would be a plus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I like EZGO carts myself but any of the big 3 EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha all make solid carts. You can't go wrong if you stick with one of the 3. It boils down to which one you like the best and can get the best deal on.
That is good news since buying used one does not always have ideal choices. I have noticed converted carts seldom sell for as much as a stock cart PLUS doing the same upgrades after purchase.


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yea, i would never pay much for a cart thats had a engine swap, you just never know who and how well it was done. it could be done by a true professional, or done by your local redneck with a hammer customs.


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OK, lets say that I find a decent looking cart with a bad engine.
I have better than average mechanical ability.
How difficult is it to take the original engine out and replace it with a new honda, B&S, etc.?
I mean, will the pullys and other mechanical stuff be hard to adapt?

Is there a "how to" or anything on this forum to explain this procedure, or anyone know where I can locate this type of information?


If you buy the engine kit there's not much to swapping the engines. You can get kits that come with everything you need.


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Caraholics.com has all the information you need on gas golf cart engine conversion kits. :twocents: