EZGO Charger


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Just purchased a cart. 98 EZGO...has HD solinoid, "Beast Motor", Big controller (not sure what size got to remove it and see its not alltrax its a stock big body curtis) lift and a few other accessories on it. Got to replace battery trays, some bushings...but here is my question. Cart was a 48volt. the second owner converted it back to 36volt but he did nothing w/ the charger. The charger is a Powerwise. Outside says its 36volt, but the TXT plug in is painted yellow and has "48 volt" wrote on it w/ a marker. is there a way to tell if it is a 48 or a 36 w/out plugging it up to a cart? o and ive got to replace batteries all are bad and i need to know if i should get 6volt or 8volt


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If it was converted back to 36v and was charging OK and shutting off, it's a 36v charger.
Take the cover off the charger, plug it in and get the voltmeter out to confirm.
The large (1205 footprint - 8.5" long) 400amp Curtis was used on some carts, they are usually 36v-48v. There is a tag on the bottom to confirm the voltage.
Is the solenoid 36v or 48v?
Did the cart run and charge when you got it?