EZGO Cart jumps when I start going.

Had a guy look at it and he said that the secondary clutch was the problem and I needed a new one. Also stated that if I could find a new spring for the secondary clutch that he would be able to fix it quite a bit cheaper. Anyone know if/where a person could get a spring for a secondary clutch?
Well the problem with the cart was the spring that pushes the secondary clutch closed was broke into three parts, and wouldn't close the clutch. This cause the cart to have to be at full throttle so the other clutch could tighten the belt enough to get the cart going.

I found a spring from an ATV store that would work in the clutch for $20 and was able to fix the clutch vs. buying a new secondary clutch for $240.

Today the cart runs well, climbs hills much better, and doesn't squeal or jerk when it takes off.

Figured I'd type this in case someone else had a similar problem.


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happy to hear you got it worked out
glad you posted the update


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may cart also needs quite a few rpms before it jumps and moves. tell me about the spring and how do i change it.