EZGO cart charger


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I have just purchased an old EZ-GO golf cart in very good condition. The serial number is: 657414 and the manufacturing number is: K1191.
I have a little problem with the cart charger, It charges for 30 minutes and then stops. If I press the start button again, It will charge for another 30 minutes, and so on.
Can you tell me how to rectify this fault?
Also would you know the retail value of this cart when it was new in 1994?
Harry Freedman


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The manufactures code you posted is a 1991. As far as what they cost new I have no idea. Used the price could vary but top dollar for a 1991 Marathon would be around $1000.00 if the batteries are fairly new and the cart is in real good condition...

What model is the charger. If the batteries are fully charged what your describing is normal. Have you checked the batteries to see if they need water? Also you may want to do a individual voltage test on all 6 batteries. Have you used the cart and then tried to charge it?