EZGO Brake Pedal Sticking


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I'm having trouble with my EZGO brake pedal. The brakes will stop it but when you release the brakes the pedal is sticking and not come back up. You can take your hand and pull pedal up. Then they work ok. I have replaced the brake cables and checked the shoes and spring. they are moving. Is there anything else that would prevent the brake pedal from returning to a normal position?

pop squared

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Might have a torque spring issue. This is the ginzu-sized spring that winds around the pivot point on the pedal; underneath the cart. Mine was broken (corrosion) and the previous owner jerry rigged a much weaker spring but it didn't work well. You can get a replacement from various sources for $10 or less. Might also check the nylon bushings and shoulder bolt while you're down there - they also might be worn.

Pay attention to how the old one is oriented on the pedal, as it's hard to find pictures of the correct way to position it. It might also look like a near impossible task to compress the spring enough to get both ends in their proper place, but if you install it on the pedal pivot with the larger end over the pedal 'stem' first, you can get a stout screwdriver in there and muscle the other end in place. (I also used .040'' safety wire and safety wire pliers to help hold every fraction of an inch I managed to gain {it took a couple attepts to 'wind' the spring while repositioning the screwdriver} but I think it is still fairly easy to get it done w/out the safety wire trick.)

I also drilled & tapped a hole for a grease fitting in the pivot.

Talking to various cart mechanics, these things don't go bad all that often, but when they do, you'll learn all sorts of new cuss words . . .


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I'm having the exact same issue on mine. Thank you pop for the great info. I sprayed mine last night and I will see how it works today.