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Hello fellow Cartaholics. I am new to golf carts but not motors in general. I have done some decent work on 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder motors over the years in numerous vehicles and I am pretty good at diagnosing problems. But golf carts scare me! Haha! On to the questions...

I have (I think, I need to double check) a 1983 E-Z-Go Marathon that I have been trying to sell on Craigslist but no one seems to be interested. My plan now is to move it to my house from my parents house and begin tearing it apart and rebuilding it. The problem is, I don't know where to start when it comes to the motor and rear end. From what I have been reading, it will not be easy to match a different motor up to the stock rear end so it will require some fabrication. Am I wrong?

As for the motor itself, what are common swaps in the E-Z-Go Marathon carts that take the least amount of fabrication? Are there any direct replacements? I am not sure which motor is it in right now but I know it is stock so my guess is a 9HP. I was looking for something that had a little more high end because it is slow and a little more low end because it slows to a crawl going up any type of hill no matter what terrain, dirt or street.

I also want to stretch the cart into a true four passenger and maybe even put a little bed on it for a cooler basically taking this thing to a side x side but not as fast. We do a lot of trail riding and desert riding when we go out and are not really duners, at least not right now.

Sorry for the long thread but I am basically looking for some ideas of where to start and how difficult doing anything to a golf cart really is.

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The most common engine conversions are Briggs & Stratton and Honda V-Twins. There's conversion kits available for both engines. With a 2 stroke rear end you'll have no reverse gear with a engine upgrade. In my opinion with your 2 stroke cart your better off getting it running with the stock engine and selling it, buying a newer 4-stroke and going from there.


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plus there are few aftermarket parts that will fit that old girl and you'll end up with more cash in it than a cart 25yrs newer