EZGO Battery Tray Replacement and Body Removal


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I received a 1990 EZGO 36 volt for free from friend that bought a house and wanted the cart gone. I'm not sure what exact model it is. I'm assuming it's a Marathon. Manufacture code JO790. Anyways, wondering if there's an after market product to replace the corroded tray that not really there and where would it attach. looks like it used to attach to the body bottom below where you sit. Also, I figured I would take the body off to inspect the frame as well, before I want to stick time and money into it. If someone could direct me to either of these issues, I would appreciate that.


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big mack

you can get replacement battery box on ebay or amazon made of ether alum. or steel made for TXT. Check outside measurements if it is same I would get a steel one and if you can weld modify to your battery lay out. Other wise do what kshock64 said.