EZGO Battery Charger


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I am helping friend with older EZGO and somebody has been in the charger before us. would anybody be able to help me with or tell me where to find a wiring diagram. 36 volt charger connects straight to batteries, no electronics involved.


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First, you're gonna want to repost this question in the E-Z-Go Electric area so the right people actually see it.

Second, they will need to know what mfg. and model the charger is.

Third, any pictures of the charger will help.

And fourth, Welcome to Cartaholics!


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Thanks for the response. EZ go section, duh. I hate it when one's ignorance hangs out.
Not sure if that matters though. I had Paul get me the model number and it is an American Monarch charger. Model # 1011885. 36 volt and it sure doesn't seem to have any sophistication to it whatsoever. Off, on, and timer.
I will copy this post into the EZ go section. Is there somewhere else I should put it as well. I looked through many of the forums and they really don't seem to deal with chargers much.