EZGo 4x4 & Polaris Ranger pic


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I went over to my neighbors to bring him back to ride some of my trails. Here's some pics of the day. I was alone so I didn't get any trial pics of the carts on the trails, i will next time. The ranger is a little wider than mine. I may not be able to beat him in a drag. but I can squeeze into a few more places than him.





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id be happy with either one of those nice rides..i personally like the ezgo better..

is the 4x4 a factory thing,or where can the parts be gotton to convert my ezgo?


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It's a blast to rip around the property. I like my EZgo better too.
I guess you could get the parts from ezgo to convert yours. My frame is pretty stout, wonder if the frames are the same? Never the less, it would be an interesting project.