ezgo 36v batteries


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Hi. Just got a 2006 txt ezgo cart with 5 2008 & 1 2007 Trojan batteries. When I put them on the charger, I hear a lot of gurgling and a few of the batteries have water around the caps, which is dripping down and leaving white spots on the concrete. Is the gurgling and spitting normal for lead acid batteries during charging or is something WRONG? I'm using a Power Wise charger and that seems to be working O K. Any words of advise?




The batteries are gurgling is fine. They may have a little to much water in them is why they are venting out at the caps. If they aren't getting hot to the touch they are fine.


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Thanks Andy for the info. The water level was about 1/4" over the plates, which I tho't was O K, but we'll keep an eye on the water when it's time to add water.

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