EZGO 2pg Engine Won't Run


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I just got done rebuilding my 88 EZGO 2-pg engine and now it won't run. .50 over bore on the jug. The machine work was pristine. A work of art.. (cost enough) New piston and rod bearings. All new gaskets around..
This engine is kicking my butt! I dismantled the carb twice and cleaned it. Fresh gas mix. First it kept flooding out and backfiring. Then I got it to run with little power. Now its not getting any gas? The fuel pump is new. When I disconnect the fuel pump it pumps VERY well.
Every time i dismantled the carb it was full of gunk. I flushed the tank so I'm done with the gunk. I'm fairly sure the seals are good.
GREAT spark. Cracked the muffler to see if it makes a difference. NOPE!
It just won't run...
I was going to order a new carb.
Seems like it ran better without the air filter. As soon as I put it on it lost power.
Any reccomendation out there?


I would start with making sure the carb is clean. Take it apart and blow it out with compressed air. You say the carb was filling up with 'gunk" so chances are good the gunk is in your new fuel pump also. Have you tried a new spark plug? How's the compression?


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I cleaned the new pump, it wasn't really dirty. The compression is very good. I just bored it out and installed a new pistion and rings. The machinest I used is very good. He did a fantastic job. He has machined a few Perkins desiel engines for me over the years.
The piston is tight, but slides like silk. I checked the stroke before installing the head. You couldn't even hear the piston slide in the cylinder.
Yes tried two new plugs.
What about points? Does the 2pg have them? If so they are behind the flywheel. I tried to remove the flywheel, it wouldn't budge. I was afraid to ruin it.
How does the flywheel come off? Pressed or screwed on?

The seals were professionally replaced 2 years ago, I dont think its them, I could be wrong. The fuel pump works great.

I say carbs shot..



You may have a carb problem, but there is an easy way to eliminate it from the loop. Crank the engine and spray carb cleaner down the carbs throat (with the convoluted hose off).

If the engine spits/sputters/runs then the carb has either a worn throttle shaft bore or an air leak.... Gaskets behind carb in place also, right?

It is also easy to break the cylinder base gasket on the clutch side. They are thin there, and the cylinder can catch and rip it during installation. The carb cleaner trick works off the same principle there, also.



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I installed a new gasket and applied a tad amount of Indian gasket cement (varnish) to help seal.
I will try the carb cleaner trick. I am assuming you meant the air cleaner hose. Right?
I am using a K&N style foam air cleaner instead of the oem air cleaner.

I did try and spray gas in the garb. I emptied a small misting bottle and used that. NOTHING! I will try carb cleaner.

Could the 2pg jump timing?


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Well just went to the shop and checked the compression.. ZERO..
The new rings on the piece of crap piston were both stuck. I should have known. When I was test fitting them they kept sticking. I figured the oil mix would help keep them from sticking.
Taking the jug piston and rings to the machinest tomorrow. I thing the grooves in the piston are slopply machined.

I am going to replacethe seals while I have it apart. Does the flywheel just pull off with a puller?

Any tricks for removing the clutch so I dont have to spend $40 for a stupid bolt to use one time?

Lastly, would you reccomed replacing the spark contactor behind the flywheel?


Hi Rooster,

The rings were clearanced wrong... or you used aftermarket rings/piston/wrist pins?

I know people give a lot to seals, but you don't need to replace them. A properly installed case seal will outlast the engine. I have only replace 4 case seals in E-Z-GOs, Yamaha G1s seem to have a hard time with seals. Most of the time, you will find a seal failure stemmed from someone damaging the seal during installation.

I would recommend you take the engine to your local E-Z-GO dealer, and allow them to pull the drive clutch for you. I can't speak for every place, but I have always been told to not charge for that (as long as that's all you need).

About the pulsar coil.... no, don't replace it. I can honestly say that E-Z-GO keeps 10 pulsar coils for each engine in stock.... That's 10 for the entire E-Z-GO parts warehouse.... I was told (while down there) that they receive a lot of pulsar coils for warranty, and they usually end up sending every one back as a rejected warranty claim (non-defective). It seems that pulsar coils are very misunderstood even by dealers. It is so rare for one to actually fail... the only one I have heard about was one found to have a manufacturing flaw, and it was on a brand new car.