ezgo 2000 refresher - not reversing


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bit of a newbie to these carts - I have purchased one for use on my small holding.
It once upon a time was a refresher - now it seems to have a tipping utility on the back.
It will not work in reverse however - bought with the problem known - solution unknown!

I would dearly love to fix this - Is it simple?
I have removed the main drive belt. When in forward the pulley turns
however when engaging reverse the pulley locks up. I think its engaging both forward and reverse?
when i got the cart - there was no oil in the gearbox and i have since filled this up.

Any advice on this???? and where is the best place to get bits in England?


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welcome barryk to cartaholics
first i would take the seat off and lift the bed up, next, take the drive belt off. move the forward and reverse lever back and fourth while turning the driven clutch (on the rear end) to see if the rear end will in fact go into both gears, if reverse still dont work i would look at the cables that move the directional lever, the reverse cable may be damaged under the cart or they are just out of adjustment. what year is the cart? if its an older cart the rear end may take up to 40oz. of oil and as little as 8oz. if newer cart.
let us know what you find out.


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The cart is a 2000 model - a refresher - but its been changed to a tipper rear end.
Guess its now a txt or something. I am also looking for a FULL wiring diagram as some of the
electrics do not operate - but that really does not detract from what i am using it for.

Both of the cables look tidy and are operating the selector. That part looks ok.
When in forward with the drive belt off you can move the pulley and it operates the wheels.
However when selecting reverse it locks the pulley hard and it will not move.
It seems to me that its in both forward AND reverse - but thats a newbie guess.

Any suggestions of what to do next??


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oh well - thanks for that - Reckon i need to get the spanners out!!!

I will have a looksee in the rear diff soon - but its goes forwards and thats serving the purpose well
at present

I wasnt sure if it was a common problem or anything like that.......And why oh why are second hand bits
so expensive - I reckon a buggati veron rear axle would be cheaper!!!!

I have looked around for the wiring diagrams - but the only thing i can find is for the ignition and
engine electrics. I have also found one for the lights as well - but I simply cant find one that relates
to the fuel guage. From what I can make out its been tinkered with in the past and various things
cut about - but I would like to get the gauge going again.

Thanks for the help


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there should be a 2 wire hareness behind the acces plate on the dash and it should have 2 female connectors on it for the gas gage. it should be with the ignition wires the other end of the wires should be right by the gas tank, maybe behind it. the harness is wired for all the goodies that you can put on the cart. should already be there, lights, blinkers tail lights brake lights.

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I have almost the same problem My cart starts when I turn on the key. The brake is on and it is out of gear. To put it in reverse I shut the engine down and put it in reverse then I start it back up and away I go.With the engine off the shifter is free but after I start it it's very had to get it into reverse. Not to bad in forward.


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may also have the govenor set wide open all the time i think this could contribute to your problem may be wrong about it but something to check i have heard of this before.


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I recently dealt with a similar problem on an older Club Car. The cart had been run with the transmission dry and the bronze synchro ring had welded itself to the steel reverse gear out of position so the shifter ring could not fully change position. This effectively locked the tranny into both forward and reverse at the same time.
We took the tranny apart, cleaned everything up so that it spun freely, installed new bearings and a fresh gasket and it works like a charm. Make sure that you put the correct grade of fluid to the recomended level into the transmission then keep an eye on it going forward. It doesn't hurt to add some assembly lube to all of the parts when putting it back together.