EZGO 2 Stroke Golf Cart Not Charging the Battery


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I have a problem my 88 EZGO 2 Stroke golf cart not charging the battery. It starts fine but I need to charge the battery after a week or so depending on usage. When driving it the most voltage I see at the battery is less than 12.5 volts. I know this won't keep an automotive battery charged. I haven't found any higher voltage on the regulator terminals. Where should I test with my VOM to determine what isn't working? (diagrams or photos would be helpful) Thanks, Krazee.


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I'm having the same issue with my 88 Marathon. I am not sure how to check the voltage regulator or the starter/generator to see which is the problem. Mine starts good in forward but when you put it in reverse the starter is very very slow to turn over so I am wondering if the starter/generator is my problem? I have searched for a service manual for my golf cart but have not been able to locate one online. Some help would be greatly appreciated.