ez-go won't go


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I went over a bump and my cart died. I checked all battery terminal wires and the wires to the motor. all are solidly connected. I checked wires at solenoid and forward/reverse selector and all look good. cart is about 12 or more years old. no other problems to date Any ideas?

Jimmy D.

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Battery charge is low? Or it could be your hub splines are wore out? That is a pretty cheap fix. But we had a mobile golf cart technician check our newer warrantied carts.

And he said if the battery charge is low the cart will shudder like one with a warn out hub does. So you may be looking more time on the charger or at either rejuvenating your old batteries epsom salt or cadmium sulphate or electronic de-sulfation as an experiment or buying new ones.

Every time I mention de-sulfation I get slammed on this site I know the technology is cheap simple and it worked for me every time I have tried it. Maybe just a temporary fix but if I get an extra 6 months a year or two perhaps that is all I need.

And I have learned something a way to help people on a tight budget until a better time or opportunity comes along to better afford the needed upgrade.

Really I think a major problem with all types of maintanence comes from the battery misting that takes place during charging. It reeks havoc on all these various electrical components, cables, body rusting, and parts. Find a good de-misting agent or techniqe or device and many of these recurring issues will just go away.



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You have 7 posts! How many times have you been slammed?


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Not at all.
Just seen this fella twice here and never an answer that is relevant to the thread.