EZ Go Wont Go????


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At a loss, New batteries voltage checks fine 36+ volts @ controller, solinoid, F/R switch(all 4 terminals) & motor has 36+ volts @ all 4 terminals with key on & in gear. Is that normal for all 4 to have voltage? Performed test with digital volt meter as per described & readings come back ok for controller & accelerator. F/R switch is fairly new & all works well when checked with continuity meter on bench with no slack or wear, cables are good microswitches are working properly. Removed cables from motor & hooked to battery as described & motor runs. Reed switch has been bypassed long ago. Backed out of garage & attempted to back on to trailer & cart struggled & shut down & has not tried to run since????? I keep wanting to think controller, I have done the described test 5 times & every time it says controller is ok trouble is F/R switch, cables or motor. all 3 check out fine. I am baffled that all 4 terminals on the motor are showing 36+ volts. Help?