EZ Go TXT Bushing and lube


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I have a EZ go TXT 36v.
I have two questions:
1) I recently noticed a clicking sound and upon further investigation noticed that a portion of the passenger side "bushing" is missing. It is located at the end of the shocks. Is this the bushing? Can this part be picked up at any auto store or must it be special ordered? How are these changed? Any special instructions?

2) Do these type of carts have grease nipples? I notice a lot of squeaking coming from the chassis. Any information will be greatly appreciated. :


You can get the shock bushings anywhere. There will be a bushing on each end of the shock. If you're going to change all of them remove the shocks, slide the old bushings off, slide the new bushing on, put the shocks back on.

Yes there is grease fittings on the tie rod ends, steering box and spindles depending on the year of your cart.