ez-go st 4x4


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replaced the battery and the ignition switch and the battery will not stay charged. the replacement switch had different letters on the posts, could this have messed me up? i replaced in the same order according to orientation. help.


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Was the cart charging before you replaced the battery and ignition switch? Hook a digital volt meter to the battery and run the cart at about half throttle and see what the voltage is.


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battery checked at 13volts, when started and run at half throttle it remained steady at 13 volts. the battery was discharging before we replaced the battery and switch.


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it could very well be the new switch,
i would get a wiring diagram and also take some time and map out the post on the switch


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The factory key switch is no longer available. This is the case with many ST parts. NAPA will have a suitable replacement in their Echlin line. The standard alternator is 20 amps. That is the standard for a Honda industrial engine. Add a snowplow, salt spreader, extra lights, and worst of all a cab heater, it just won't work. If loads are intermittent, try a larger battery. There was an optional alternator kit that provided 55 amps through a belt driven alternator. These parts were very hard for us to find.