ez-go gas to 24 hp


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Hi, I am trying to find out how I can convert my ez-go gas golf cart to a 24 hp drop in motor replacement?


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Hey WALKNTALL! We need some info here! He is the expert on that one. He has done quite a few. Be patient. He will come. LOL


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It requires a v-twin motor mount or a kit thats available. The prerequesites are a 6" lift and it must be 1994.5 or newer for a kit to work. You must remove all existing motor and motor mounts.

What year and model do you have?



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WalkNTall I don't mean to jump in on Mbryne's post but it's been a few months that I can see since you asked the question about what year and model and ther was no answer. So since I'm a new cart owner as well and considering upgrading my engine I figured I would answer your questions.

I have a 99 Ez Go TXT-G. I have A-ARM suspension in the front but I don't know what kind of lift in the back or how high. Is there a way to check?

As far as engines go I have the stock 11 hp but was looking to go to a 24 hp mainly because it seems that is what the majority of the upgrades are. I'm not looking for a cart that is the fastest around I just want to be able to get through the sand dunes at a decent speed.

Can you shed some light on the differences in engines(briggs&stratton,honda, 18hp, 24hp etc.)?