ez-go gas rear end with 18hp many ????????


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
ok guys i just had a guy come in the shop with very strange project...

not from me he purchased a ez-go rear end and he was told it was a HD rear end with 10:1 gears

i have never heard of the HD rear end...

here are the numbers on it

ME29 65V00560

he is wanting to put this in a ford think....
so whats can be done to the 18hp to put some power down to push the 4 seater think????

heres the BIG ???? he was wanting to install the engine behind the rear end.... would that work???? so the motor would be pushing the belt... would it make a difference

any thought NUBS or DS


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well,,,no rearend
the driven was on a jackshaft and the engine sat behind it, the carb pointed right at your sack. the good old days


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
clockwise/flywheel, the driven doesn't care if the belt is pulled from the top or bottom if thats what your thinkin